2uul Plier Cutter For Phone Repair Frame/Motherboard Cover Middle Frame Phone


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9 in stock


Introducing the Mini Pliers 2UUL – Your Compact Wire Cutting Solution!

The Mini Pliers 2UUL is a handy set of mini wire cutters designed with precision and versatility in mind. These pliers feature an angled face for achieving a flush cut when working with wires, ensuring clean and precise results.

Key Features:

Compact Size: These mini wire cutters are perfectly sized for various tasks, making them an ideal addition to your toolkit.

Angled Face: The angled face allows for a flush cut, ensuring a professional finish in your wire-related projects.

Spring-Loaded Handles: Equipped with spring-loaded handles, these pliers are perfect for one-handed operation, adding convenience to your work.

Rubberized Soft Grip Handles: The rubberized soft grip handles provide a secure hold, enhancing your control and reducing hand fatigue.

Great Value: Our mini precision combination pliers offer exceptional value, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals.

These Mini Pliers 2UUL are specifically tailored to meet the needs of phone and tablet repair technicians. They are your reliable companion for achieving precision and efficiency in your delicate repair tasks.

Upgrade your toolkit with the Mini Pliers 2UUL and experience the ease and precision they bring to your wire-cutting endeavors.

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