Mobile Phone Repair Screwdriver Set RELIFE RL-728 Strong Magnetic Adsorption


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Introducing our Screwdriver Set, meticulously crafted to meet the diverse demands of technicians and mobile phone repair experts. This comprehensive set includes a range of head types, featuring the 1.5 Cross Head, 2.5 Convex Head, Pentalobe P2 0.8mm, TRI-Point T0.6, and Torx T1, ensuring you have the right tool for the job at hand.

Enhanced Grip: The screwdriver’s handle boasts a diagonal embossed design, providing an excellent grip that ensures precise control over your work. The spinney top adds a convenient twist that technicians often appreciate.

Phone Repair Specialist: Tailored to the specific requirements of mobile phone repair technicians, this kit contains all the essential screwdrivers needed to effortlessly disassemble and repair the latest and most popular phone models.

Strong Magnetic Absorption: Each screwdriver in this set features strong magnetic absorption, making it a breeze to securely hold onto those tiny, hard-to-reach screws during intricate repair tasks.

Hexagonal Screwdriver Cap: The screwdrivers are equipped with hexagonal-shaped caps at their tops, delivering stability and support while preventing any twisting or wobbling during use.

Elevate your repair game with our Screwdriver Set – the ultimate companion for precision work and hassle-free mobile phone repairs.

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