Holder Tray Universal Anti Static Electronic PCB Circuit Motherboard For Phone


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Universal Anti-Static PCB Motherboard Holder Tray for Phones

Introducing our Universal Anti-Static PCB Motherboard Holder Tray—an essential tool for smartphone repairs, electronics assembly, and DIY projects. This versatile tray ensures the stability and protection of delicate circuit boards and phone motherboards during work.

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit various electronic PCB circuit boards and phone motherboards, this holder tray is a must-have for technicians and hobbyists.

Anti-Static Protection: Crafted from anti-static materials, it guards against electrostatic discharge (ESD), protecting sensitive components.

Sturdy : Securely holds boards in place with multiple slots for easy access.

Non-Slip Base: The rubber base prevents movement, ensuring a stable work surface.

Upgrade your workspace with the Universal Anti-Static PCB Motherboard Holder Tray for precision and confidence in your electronics projects. Whether you’re a professional or DIY enthusiast, this tray is a valuable addition. Order now for added convenience and reliability.

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